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How much hope?

So I know it's been a couple months since I last posted. And I know my last post was a real drag. I'm sorry about that. A lot of people told me it made them cry. It made me cry too. In general however - my feelings about it all haven't really changed from that last post unfortunately. I still feel like I'm dying. But what has changed is I've been there and back to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in  Maryland, and I'm scheduled to go back again on 6/12 for surgery. So that's new.

There's seriously a lot going on in our life right now ... like A LOT. Like holy shit - are you serious - I need to call TLC and sell our story to them kinda A LOT. You can't make this stuff up because if you did no one would believe it to be plausible. So let's sidebar for a second to allow me to rant a little bit.


I can't remember if I've used this metaphor in the blog - but if I have then you'll remember and forgive me for the repetition - an…

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