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Recovery, Radiation and Chemo

It starts the same way every time. I run my hands through my hair and suddenly there's a lot more than "just shedding" wrapped in my fingers. It's a knowing when you see it in your hands. A heaviness that settles in your chest - with a sigh of resignation. You know what's coming, what you need to do to get there ... and yet you still hold out hope that maybe ... just maybe ... you're one of the rare patients who doesn't lose all their hair from chemo. Unlikely ... but you hope anyway.

And then you take your first shower after it starts shedding. And handfuls and handfuls of hair are wrapped, woven and intertwined in both hands ... down your back, down your chest, on your arms ... and you do everything you can to lean back and let the water just rinse through your hair and not on your body so you don't have hair stuck to you everywhere - and you're only mildly successful. If anything you've just contained it to your back. The drain is complete…

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