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Really scared and really unsure

Sometimes - you don’t realize how much something hurts until you touch it. Or until you know it’s there. The trail failed. 17% progression in tracked lesions ... under the 20% threshold but alas ... 2 new spots appeared in my liver, a new spot on my psoas muscle and that weird lump on the back of my mid-right rib cage ... cancer too. Those new spots mean I’m out. The docs at MDA delivered the news with an emphasis on getting on chemo right away. My liver is in a pretty serious state and getting on some kind of chemotherapy right away is in my best interest. They have a couple trials that may be an option but they’re wary to recommend them - I can see it. They think it’s best I get on chemo right away. That was 1/2/2019. I was pretty devastated when we left. I’m pretty devastated now. Still. I got in to see my local oncologist immediately that following Friday. She’s recommending a chemo, gemzar, plus a Her2 drug I’ve had before for more than a year, Herceptin. It’s a “safe”

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