February 2011

So it's February 2011 ... it's winter ... it's cold ... there's a good amount of snow on the ground. I'm about 1.5 months into the Tamoxifen treatment. I think my doc thought I might have just been complaining when I sent her that email because she hasn't yet responded. She is usually very prompt. I'm fine without a response however - because after reading it over a few times, it really did sound like I was complaining.

So how are things going thus far? Well - the hot flashes are flickering less, you could say. It's been a few weeks where I've slept through the night without waking up in a sweat. They aren't happening at work either, so I'm thankful for that. I'm still experiencing acne across my forehead - which I'm attributing to the hormone imbalance, or rather the lack of hormone absorption by my body. I ordered a multi-vitamin that is suppose to help correct the imbalance - or at least, I believe it's suppose to help level things out, in addition to helping my hair grow and counteracting the tamoxifen effects on my skin. We'll see how it goes once it gets here.

The chemo damage is almost out of my nails completely. There's only 1 ring left at the top of each nail. That's exciting. The nail bed below it is nice and pink and healthy looking. Now if only my hair would come in in such a way that I could track it! No such luck. Each day, I look in the mirror and unfortunately sigh - wishing my hair would come in faster. It went away so quickly, I guess I somehow believed it would come back just as quick - like it was a joke that it fell out in the first place. Again, no such luck. Ah well. I'll just be the boy in the back who looks curiously like a girl.

The only other issue on my radar screen right now is my cycle. I have a feeling it's not going to follow a nice 4 week pattern while I'm on tamoxifen. I have a feeling it's going to slow down and maybe even stop altogether. Not that I would complain about not having a monthly cycle -- it's just, I don't have any other way of knowing that things are OK other than a regular, reliable cycle. And since I don't have any other mechanism for tracking, it puts me a little on edge -- a little worrisome.

Overall though, things are good. Mike and I are planning our 2nd honeymoon/spring vacation somewhere sunny, warm and for two weeks. Neither of us has taken a two week vacation before, so this will be the first time. I feel somewhat guilty leaving the office for that long -- but the more I think about the sun and the ocean, the less guilty I feel. Because truthfully - we've had one HECK of a year in 2010 and I can honestly say we deserve two weeks away. But again - I'll be the boy on the beach. At least my head won't get hot. I might even have to put sunscreen on my scalp!

And finally my 30th ... my "Flirty Thirty" will be held at my mom's house in just a few weeks. I'm super excited to be home and to see my family and play with the kiddos. I miss them a lot and every day they just get bigger and smarter and sassier. Pre-BC I would have been sad about turning 30 ... but now ... I'm actually really happy.


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  2. Yeay! You posted!!

    Congratulations on turning 30 soon! What a great milestone :)

    Honestly after such a crappy 2010, I hope you don't have a pang of guilt on your vacation. I hope you strutt your stuff and enjoy every minute of it.

    Can't wait to see the pictures!!



    PS - sorry I had to delete my first comment, I noticed a spelling mistake and I wanted to correct it :)

  3. I just can't all believed the experienced you having all the hormonal and estrogen depletion. I beleived my younger daugther have actually experiencing the pre menopousal and the menopousal just like her mother. Well at least you know how that feel when i was going thru, and Please only one menopausal allowed in the family...Brings back the good all times of the PMS time in our world... I cant wait to see you next month.. I love you Lissa..


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