Day 2 - First Blue Morning

I woke up a little blue today. Definitely not as chipper as yesterday. I had an early morning call with an RN at the Cancer Resource Services group with my insurance. She checked the doctors and hospitals I was looking at to make sure they were in network and sent me some good information and various lists of questions to ask during my consults and treatment. She asked if I was experiencing any depression. No, no depression I don't think. I mean, I think it's going to be a roller coaster of emotions right now. And today looks like it's panning out to be one of those days where I'm teetering between tears and smiles. I did break down a little after I got out of the shower. Mike just hugged me. He's so good. I got a good one. I said, "I told you this was coming" and he said he's sure it's not the first. Getting into work made me feel better. It took my mind of things, it forced me to focus on something else when I couldn't do it willingly, like yesterday. I'm arranging to get my films and reports sent from the Women's Center to the Hospital where I'm having my consult on Tuesday. I got a call from the Women's Center also to confirm my MRI tomorrow morning. And my sister just called to check on me. I kinda broke down on the ride in when I was talking to her too. She's a good one too.


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