Day 3 - Put them where?!

MRI is done and over. Nothing like laying face down on a table with your chest sticking through perfectly cut out holes on an MRI table
and being slid in feet first into the machine to make this "cancer" thing real. Even with ear plugs the noise of the machine was loud. It sounded like really bad techno music. It was missing the base line and the beat was nervously fast. The picture taking, as the tech called it, took about 45 minutes. 45 minutes face down in a noisy tube - thank goodness for yoga breathing. "This picture will take 20 seconds" she said to me over the speaker system. So I had to sit still for 20 seconds. All I could do was "blink and breathe" while the machine was taking its picture. Then it was a mixture of 2 minute pictures, 20 second pictures and 5 minute pictures. Finally she said "This is the last picture, it will take 7 minutes." "Ok" I thought, I can sit still for that long. Then, true to Melissa form, 2 minutes into that last picture, I had to pee.

I managed to make it through successfully. The IV wasn't so fun, but there isn't a needle that I like anyway. But the tech Linda was really nice and did everything she could to make me comfortable and it worked. I didn't have as much anxiety today as I did during the biopsy, so that was really good. Not that the biopsy nurses weren't nice and did what they could, it was more just that I knew I would be stuck with multiple needles. Mike said I need to conquer that anxiety. I guess he's right considering I'm going to have a lot more tests.

Here's a picture from this morning. Mike was giving me heck about my pink high heels, but hey - if I have to do something, might as well look good doing it. :)
Going into MRI room

IV Time


  1. I remember when I had my first MRI. It sounded like someone was hitting the machine with a baseball bat. I'm glad you toughed it out!


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