Day 134 - 10.10.10

Today is my sister's birthday, 10/10/10! I know it will be a wonderful birth year for her! She's coming into town this Wednesday to go through chemo number 3 with me. I tried to convince her to bring at least one of the kids ... but I wasn't successful. It's a nice little break for her. It's ok. I'll hopefully get to see the kiddies sooner than later. She goes back Sunday morning so I'm hoping this treatment is like my most recent one - easy and not so taxing - so I can actually be awake for her visit.

The other day I was watching the Today Show as I was getting ready for work. Every morning, they have Willard announce "Happy Birthday" to those are celebrating their 99th or 100th birthday. The other day there was an announcement for twins ... sisters - who were turning 100. They said they spoke every day. I thought to myself, that's how my sister and I will be ... old and still calling each other every day ... if not living together.

Happy Birthday Maria!!! I love you! See you soon!


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