Hair Sequence

I went to the American Cancer Society site on Thursday. I found that they give wigs out for free to those who need them/want them as a result of treatment. I tried on a cute pixie cut - blond ... I was really tempted to get it ... but thought I really couldn't pull it off. I also tried on a red one and some shorter curlier ones, but they really weren't me. I ended up with a longer one, that was straight and just slightly lighter in shade than my natural color. And to my surprise, despite its being donated - it was a brand new wig, well cut and felt better than expected to the touch. I wore it to work ... and giggled as everyone had to do a double take before they realized it was me. And I wore it out Friday night during my evening out with the girls. What I realized is - is that it feels just like a hat or a scarf. It's just a head covering and after a while, I didn't even equate the feeling of it on my head to a wig - I am who I am, and felt like myself, regardless of what was on my head. And that's a nice feeling to have.

But - since I have the wig, I thought I would put all the pictures together to show the progression of the "hair" ... so here they are!

Before Treatment

The Donation Cut

The Pixie Cut

The Shave

The Wig, Courtesy of the American Cancer Society

And, the back of the wig, just for fun!


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