Day 138 - Chemo Infusion #3

Chemo #3 - what a long day. My sister brought a few magazines,
thankfully. There was a lot of waiting this go round. We showed up 30
minutes early for the oncology appointment and were first seen 30
minutes after the appointment time. And that was only after we flagged
someone down in the hallway to ask what the deal was. By the time we
needed to be checking in for chemo - we were still in the exam room,
just beginning our conversation with my oncologist. Consequently - we
were 30 minutes late getting on the list for the infusion center, waited
another 15 before getting called in and set up. Once I was plugged in,
my sister had to flag down the chemo nurse to tell her my bag was done
on multiple occasions. We didn't end up leaving until 6:00 pm. Mike and
Maria were handing out delay of game penalties to just about everyone
that day.

But we got through it - and left all the nurses intact. We're all ready
for it to be over.


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