Day 42 - Expansion Begins

Day 42 .... of how many? If it were any other time in our life, 42 days would be an eternity. 42 days before vacation is really an eternity. But not right now. It doesn't seem long enough to have gone through so much already. Decisions like this -- life altering, forever body changing decisions should be made in more than 42 days. They should have months of thought and indecision put into them. Months of agonizing and the back and forth and backing out and recommitting ... all smashed into under 42 days.

Mike was reading last night and was reminded how long of a process this is really going to be. It took a while to fall asleep after that. But there really isn't much more we can do other than go one day at a time because we just don't know how many more days are in front of us. So it's day 42 - and we go to our first expansion appointment today.

From what Jan tells me, it will feel like achy muscles. I can deal with achy muscles. Hopefully it will only be one side. I participated in another clinical trial where they injected botox in the chest muscle on one side -- which side we don't know, hence the trial -- but the thought is that the botox will paralyze the muscle and make for easier stretching. Here's hoping.


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