Day 63 - Expansion #3 and Stitches

I went in for my third expansion appointment yesterday. Another 50 CCs went in. Since she had to remove the stitches that were put in two weeks ago, she decided to only put in 50 instead of trying for 75. Next week she said we could try for the 75. So right now, I'm at 250 CCs.

Things are looking good - as normal as they could possibly look. Skin in areas that were spared is regenerating and hopefully it will only be a couple more weeks of bandages. Incisions are looking flat - which is good.

My wonderful husband has been to every appointment with me. He hasn't missed a beat of this process. I really couldn't do any of this without him. I'm really, really thankful.

Next week is a big week - it's my 4th expansion and my appointment with my oncologist, so we will find out about chemo. Fingers crossed for NO chemo!!


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