The Husband's Perspective

Yesterday we got a bit of good news from the surgeon during Melissa’s follow up appointment. They informed us that they did not detect cancer in her lymphatic system based on the nodes they extracted during surgery.

Both Melissa and I had a few tears build up once all of the doctors left the room. It felt like the first “victory” we have had in a long time. It has only been a month, but it has felt like we have been on the losing end of a lot of other outcomes in recent memory.

I just finished opening Melissa’s mail for her. She received a lot of very thoughtful cards from friends and family, and one of her friends from back home in California even sent me a wonderful gift (Starbucks!) and a very sweet note along with her package for Melissa. I was so taken back on how thoughtful someone could be that I had never met before.

This process has reminded me how great most of the world really is. People that know me well know that I am mostly a pessimist and I generally assume the worst about people in difficult situations. I think a combination of life experience and an over active imagination make me the way I am. These last few weeks has given me a new vantage point on humanity. I hope this experience continues to allow me to see the best in people.

“Rollercoaster of emotions” is a cliché that I never like to use. But I can not think of another way to describe how I feel right now. It brings me joy to see Melissa make progress and it breaks my heart when she is in pain. It makes me incredibly happy to see her smile right now, and it rips my heart out when she breaks into tears. I lay awake almost every night reminding myself that we have to be strong for each other


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