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I asked my sister, Maria, to lend me some of her hats. She has a great sense of style, and her hats are really cute. I don't think initially I'm going to need a full blown scarf but as my hair starts to thin - I think a regular hat will work fine, for a few weeks anyhow.

I'm realizing that I'm really cold at work now. They have the AC blasting inside the building and I assume it's at the same level it's always been for the past two summer seasons. What is not the same as it's always been is the length of my hair. I guess I didn't realize how much it helped regulate my temperature and keep me warm. I'm finding my hands get so cold in the office that it makes it hard to type. I guess my hair kept the rest of me warm in the past, so my extremities never really got that cold. It makes me wonder if everyone with short hair gets cold easily? Or is it just me - since I'm a short hair novice? At any rate - this winter I'm assuming it's going to be really cold for me ... but that's where this website comes in:

I found this site because I was looking for "chemo hats" If you know me ... specifically, if you know my shopping philosophy - I want quality stuff for the right price. I almost have a size to price ratio, if you will. For example - a cute pair of strappy heels should not cost as much, or more, than a cute pair of pointy toe pumps. Why? Because there isn't as much material! Plain and simple - I don't care whose name is on the shoe - ("Russian components, American components - ALL MADE IN CHINA!" -- Armageddon anyone?) I don't think it makes sense to pay more, for less material. It's silly. Full knee high boots? Yes, those should cost more because there's a ton of material. And unless they're on dramatic clearance - you should think twice before you pay a super low price for boots. That whole -- "if it's too good to be true ..." philosophy. Conversely, if I do pay a low price for something - I do it because I don't expect it to last very long, and I'm OK with that. And if it lasts longer than I thought it would - well then score! It was a good deal.

Anyhow - I found this site - and not only is the cause a great one - but the prices are right. My caveat - I have not yet ordered any, so I can't speak on quality just yet - but if the quality is as expected (and from what I see online, I expect it will be. Did I mention I'm also great at online shopping?), then yes - this is a site that falls neatly into my shopping 101 rationale. And to top it all off - this is the ONLY site I've found for "chemo hats" for women - that makes stylish looking hats that would work for women who are - say 29 - and not in their 70's. Just because I have to do chemo at 29 doesn't mean I have to sacrifice my style. And I'm not saying women in their 70's sacrifice their style -I've met some really hip 70 year olds - what I'm saying is - the styles are just vastly different.

There are a few on here that I really love - and I think when the time comes, I will order 4 or 5 of the scarves, a couple night caps, a few of the 3-band chemo hats and a few hat liners (It is football season after all, and I can't not wear my favorite Boston hat to watch the Patriots games) ... and most likely more since I like to accessorize.

So hat's off to you CJ Hats ... you'll see my order soon.


  1. praying that you have a full night's sleep the night before your chemo. And i looked at the hats on the CJ website :) they are sooo cute! Spongebob lol.

  2. You should also check out for really fun uplifting and comfortable chemo hats! And they are made in the USA!


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