Day 73 - A little fun

"Boobies for Babies" I guess you could say.

Every year for the last 5 years, we play in the March of Dimes Mudd Volleyball tournament the first Saturday in August. This year, I had to sit out and cheer and play referee, but nonetheless, it was still really fun - and really dirty. The single day event raises over $200,000 to support healthy babies. Our "Team Melissa" captain, my hubby, raised over $1,500. Mike named the team in my honor since he knew how much this event means to me. He also designed and printed T-Shirts to show our team support of breast cancer, and his support of his wife.

What a wonderful husband I have.

The tournament is round-robin style, 5 games each team, 6 teams to a court, 50 courts and over 4,000 people playing and spectating. Lots of beer and food and great fun. We made it to the 2nd round of playoffs before we were eliminated - that's the farthest we've ever made it in 5 years! I can't wait until next year!!

THANK YOU to everyone who donated and supported us, and a thanks to all our teammates:

Mike Bingham (El Capitan), Mike and Jessie Bailey, Dolores Carrillo, Keri Dugan, Samantha Halliburton, Denise Leon, Dustin Prichard, Jesse Cowan, Nic Jones and "Grif" (Photographer extraordinaire)

Here is our "clean" team picture:

And ... our dirty team picture:


  1. Wow, you guys are awesome! Love that muddy picture - looks like it was sooooooo much fun. Thanks for supporting the March of Dimes.


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