Day 94 - Wonderful things ... and meds too.

I went to pick up my side effect medication today. It made me cry. It's a lot to think about - what I'm choosing to put into my body - how much - and what else is going to be put into my body. More than anything, it's just scary at this point. I guess chemo officially starts Wednesday night. I have to take a steroid the night before chemo, the morning of chemo and then the night of chemo - just to help prevent an allergic reaction. If I don't have a reaction, then I don't need to take it the next 3 times. So, there's 2 kinds of meds for nausea, 1 for anxiety and 1 is the steroid. It's quite the cocktail in addition to the chemo cocktail.

The BETTER cocktail came in the mail today, courtesy of Ms. Judy! Thank you Judy for a wonderful gift, it's timing couldn't be any better - truly. And how did you know I like martinis?! It's absolutely perfect.

And to enjoy all these wonderful cocktails, came the perfect cozy outfit to wear! Thank you my wonderful friend Linda - I LOVE the outfit! And I truly did need a smile today, so your package (also) couldn't have been better timed. AND it made it before my first treatment!

Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. I told Mike, it seems like these wonderful gifts seem to arrive when I need them the most.


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