Day 98 - Day 1 after Chemo 1, First Expansion in a Month

Maybe it's the 4 doses of steroids .... Or maybe it's because I'm excited about picking up expansion again - but I feel really good today. I woke up at 6:30 am and went downstairs to work out. I ran a mile, danced on the treadmill during the cool down, jumped rope, two sets of abs, did some kettlebell squats and stretched and stretched. After I finished, I went up to shower and get ready for my first expansion appointment in a month. We got there on time - a rarity for me unfortunately - and were early enough to grab coffee beforehand and still be on time when we checked in.

Jessica - the plastic surgeon's PA - checked me out, said the little spot where we stitched up a few weeks ago looked really good and healed up nicely. We opted to expand with 75 CCs this time since I needed two appointments to catch up to the 300 on the right side. We didn't see the need to push it with 100 when I needed two appointments anyway. So I'm feeling a lot better more filled out and not so one sided.

So all in all - I'm feeling much better than expected on my first day after chemo. Nausea is nothing to really speak of - and I'm cautiously optimistic about that. I think last night I might have just ate too much ... I'm entitled! It was Mexican food after all, and I really like Mexican food.

I'm hoing we can head out tonight to a local BBQ fair/festival/competition around dinner time. I'm doing what I can while I feel good. I don't know what tomorrow will bring - but why worry today about what I can't control tomorrow? Mom and I are getting manis and pedis right now - living life like we normally do. It feels good to not be knocked out on day 1. I'm going to take advantage.


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