I fell asleep on the couch last night, I was up watching Braveheart. At 2:00 am I got up and went to bed. I crawled in and was just really, really cold. Finally I warmed up and fell asleep. Around 3:30 am I woke up - drenched in sweat - I think my subconscious put it together and woke me - I had a fever.

I immediately got up and took my temperature - 100.5. Crud. Time to call the doctor. This weekend is my Days 8 - 10 ... the point at which my white blood count is at its lowest. The fever is a result of having such a low blood count - my body doesn't have enough white blood cells to defend itself.

The Onc on call said we can watch it and see how it goes - since I didn't have an infection localizing anywhere. She said if I wanted, she could call in a prescription for antibiotics and we could either do that then, or just wait and see how things go. I told her since I wasn't hurting anywhere and since I wasn't experiencing any nausea - I felt OK to go back to bed.

We woke up around 10:00 am and I took my temp again - 100.4. We had breakfast and I laid back down again. I've slept most of today ... and I mean most of today. It felt really nice to get the extra sleep - I think I needed it. The Tylenol Extra Strength seemed to be helping my back pain and it was nice to sleep and not feel it. My temps have been between 99.2 and 100.7. I've been taking Tylenol all day and I think it's keeping things level. We'll see how things are tomorrow.


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