Day 97 - Chemo Morning

Got up today around 6:30 am - ready to get this going. I had a quick convo with my resident Pharmacist, thank you Mrs. Bailey!, and felt ready to tackle this. I put on my perfect chemo tank and perfect comfy chemo pant, and off we went to start our day.

I wonder if they'll mind in the hospital?

We hung out at Caribou coffee this morning while Mike had his dental appt. We're at Paradise Bakery having breakfast right now, relaxing, talking and just trying not to think about the rest of today.

I'm tracking everything I eat, drink, take and "do" starting from last night through Christmas. There are so many side effects that I have to worry about that I thought it would be easier to just track everything and let the side effects  reveal themselves to me, than to try to identify them on my own. Plus, it will help me remember when to drink water  to make sure I have enough throughout the day.

So I took the first dose of the steroid last night and I felt no change, which is good. It's suppose to prevent any potential allergic reaction I might have to the Taxotere. I took the second dose this morning and I hope it continues like this.

We're going out to walk for a little while, burn off our breakfast and get some fresh air. There's a chill to the air this morning too, the first I've noticed recently. Summer is either taking a vacay or Autumn is on it's way.


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