The Husbands Perspective

Tonight was a tough night. On the eve of my wife's second chemo treatment, she decided to have me shave her head. Her hair has been falling out pretty fast, so she decided it was time. It was tough to watch her tears as I dragged the clippers across her scalp. I wanted to stop, but I knew I couldn't. Its a step I knew was coming from everything I read. But the stories don't do the reality justice. It is a very emotional moment, but I was glad we could do it together.

Afterwards, we shared a wonderful candle light dinner that brought both of spirits back up a little. We talked, we laughed, Tomo howled. We reminisced about special nights we had in the past and talked about special nights we want to plan for the future.

My wife is a very tough woman. During the most challenging period of her life, she still seems to worry more about others than her self. I admire her strength and I am amazed by her selflessness.

Cancer is not all bad... it is mostly bad...99.9% bad... but that small piece that is not bad, is the piece that brings people together. My wife and I are closer now than at any other point in our 5 plus years. My relationship has improved with my friends and family because when something like this happens, it makes you put down your personal crap long enough to focus on what is important.

I love my wife. She is my heart.


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