Clinical Trial

I received my medication today for the clinical trial I'm participating in. Since University of Colorado Hospital is a teaching hospital - lots of research and development - they do lots of trials. My oncologist specifically is conducting this trial. It's a collection of younger women who get breast cancer, to see the affects of fish oil and Celebrex on the tissue in just two weeks. There are three groups - fish oil, celebrex, and the control, where they take nothing. I was put by random selection in the celebrex group. One pill, twice daily -- and I keep a diary of when I took it, any side effects and note my activity level for the day. I go back in the day before my surgery to turn in my data. They took my urine and my blood. A lot of blood. Okay, well not a LOT of blood, but when she walked in she had a bag with about 8 vials. At least it was just one needle. =)

I hope one day, the contributions to these trials help lead the way to a cure. Or at the very least, a better treatment plan for younger women who have lots more years to live.


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