The Jurgens Have Arrived

My sister and brother-in-law are here with the kids. It is so good to see them. She told them before they got here that Auntie was sick and that they couldn't jump or climb on me and that they had to be gentle around me. My nephew made me his rendition of Van Gogh's sunflowers to cheer me up. It's perfect, and made me cry. I'm so happy that they're here, because I get such limited time with the kiddies, but it is a bitter sweet because I can't pick them up or wrestle with them or really play, and that makes me sad, because of the such limited time. But for now, they're here and I'm going to try to do as much with them as I can. Tomorrow we're going to try the pool - I'll hang out in the shade and watch them play, but at least I'll be there.

They're heading out in a few days to make their way to Nebraska to see my brother-in-law's family. We're on the way out there -- and on the way back, so they'll stop again after the 4th of July. By then, I should have the drains taken out and be more mobile. I'm really excited they're here.


  1. Melissa, you probably don’t remember me but I have been a friend of Mike’s for several years and had the pleasure of meeting you many years ago at his birthday party. I saw that Mike had posted your blog site on Facebook and I have spent the entire evening reading it from beginning to end, shedding numerous tears all the while. Your posting about the first time you met Mike made me laugh. I still remember the first time he met you and came to work the next day and told me all about that meeting. The weeks after that I couldn’t believe how he had ‘finally’ fallen for somebody. I knew you must have been something special. After reading thru you blogs I can see why he fell in love with you. You are a truly amazing woman. Your courage and positive attitude that you have had facing such a horrible thing is incredibly moving and inspiring. I just want you and Mike to know that you are in my thoughts and I pray that this will be behind you soon. God bless you! Angie


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