Day 24 - Vail

We're going away for the weekend (courtesy of a wonderful family friend, many thanks). We're driving up to Vail this afternoon and staying through Sunday. We're escaping - Mike, me and Tomo. We're not sure what we're going to do up there but we wanted to hike and I wanted to try to get Mike to do yoga with me. (He's not so bendy, so I thought it would be good for him.)

A weekend away with our little family I think will be nice, considering the up hill journey in front of us. It's the last weekend we have before surgery and recovery ... which will most likely roll into chemo. By time chemo is finished, and before my hair is most likely on its way back - most of the year will have passed and we'll be into the holidays. Jessie (not on Halloween) and Erin will have had their babies, Mitchell will be around the corner to 2 years old, Rhonde will turn 5, Ella will be a few months away from turning 1 - Kim and Mike's nephew will share their birthdays, My sister and mom will have their birthdays, as will the Baileys (just before the baby comes) ... somewhere in there I will (hopefully) have had my final surgery to swap out the expanders for the permanent implants ... summer will have passed, and most of the trees will have likely dropped their leaves. The first snow will most likely fall on Halloween and then not again for a few weeks. Tomo will turn 4 and time will just keep ticking away.

Things, people's lives - all will continue moving forward, and it feels like I will be stuck - stationary - still in the "treatment and recovery process" ... for a year, at the least. Yes, I'll be moving forward in my process, but I will still be in the process. On my way, but not there yet. Not turning a corner or entering a new experience - I will be in the same experience. So there's a pause button, but not a fast forward button, on life. Inconvenient.

But what's a year or two in my life on pause? That's shorter than the lease on my car. It's a blink of life's eye.

Being that it is the last weekend we have before surgery - that means it's the last weekend we have with my "girls." I told Mike we're bringing the camera.


  1. Melissa:
    It's Dawn from work. I've been keeping up with your blog and wanted to tell you how much I admire your attitude and courage. For being so young, you have the maturity and wisdom of a much older person. Reading your posts has made me re-evaluate my life and "problems" which don't seem like such a big deal now. You're dealing with your obstacle with such grace and calmness, it's made me aspire to deal with things in a different and better way. Thank you for sharing your story in such a candid way. You've made a very positive difference in someone's life (mine) and I wanted you to know that. I get more vacation time at the end of July and have told the office I want to donate a week to you at that time--even if it's just used to spend time with your hubby and doggie. It's the least I can do for someone I hardly know, who's made such a difference in my life and has made me want to be a better person. You've given me a gift without even knowing it. Thank YOU. You and Mike have a fun weekend with that camera :) *Hugs*

  2. Enjoy the beauty of the world ... around you, with you and inside you! For this is just another stepping stone on the journey we all call life, enjoy each day to the fullest, as you will soon be starting a new chapter of life experiences that will soon be nothing but a distant memory to reflect upon once you are past it and have concurred it! But I really don't need to tell you this, as you are an inspiration to all around you with your positive approach to the journey you are about to embark upon! You have many friends, family and aquaintences that are thinking of you and sending you positive energy ... thank you for sharing this journey with us!

  3. Hope you had fun with the girls and took lots of pics ;) I will be prayig everyday for those girls until they are perfect again lol. Happy thoughts this week... breathe and more happy thoughts.
    Thinking of you!


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