Day 22 - One week to go

I've been going back and forth with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Aycock, with my questions and errant thoughts. She's been incredibly patient with her patient. I just have to get all my questions out - I tend to be the "What about this? ... Or what about ...?" type person. I'm even working on a list of questions I'm going to give to Mike that I will have when I get out of surgery. I figured -- I'd better give them to him because I most likely won't be in any state to ask the questions, but I know I'm going to want the answers.

So, one week from now I'm going to be on the table and under the knife -- for the first time in my life. I hope the second time it's because I need a C-section.

(Here's something I was playing with)


  1. Every day I pray for you and send my love and strength your way. You are a brave, strong and beautiful woman with courage beyond your years! Enjoy your weekend away and please---- have some fun and relaxation. All my love, Mom Bingham.


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