Day 21 - No Words

I received a package in the mail yesterday from an old friend. I opened it and read the card. It made me smile. I pulled out a paperback book and skimmed the cover pages -- flipped through random chapters, observing the layout and font -- getting a feel for the book and its story. I moved on to another package that was inside that package -- it was wrapped in an American Greetings plastic bag. The open end was taped shut, and on that little piece of masking tape it read, "Comfort for your Journey =)." I carefully lifted the tape and pulled out a pair of black and white checkered, paint speckled designed pajama bottoms and an airy light pink top to match. I was overwhelmed with emotion at the realization of what I was holding -- and I cried. I dropped the PJ's and quickly grabbed for the plastic bag it came in and carefully peeled off the precious masking tape note. I smoothed it out -made sure it was still perfect - took a long look at the message, held it over my heart and then placed it in the first few pages of the book. This would be my bookmark - for this book and for many more after it.

The significance of this package is not that it was a book and a cute pajama set sent from an old friend. It is what this small little package is offering. Support, from a distance ... from a friend. Support from someone who knew me when I was just a kid. Support that says - "you're going to be spending a long time recovering and I thought you might like something comfy (and cute) to do it in. Something that I picked out especially for you, specifically for this journey in your life. Know that when you wear it, you're not alone. And, oh yeah, I like pink too."

It was a simple little package with a profound effect.


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