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Not only does breast cancer, or any type of cancer for that matter, seriously effect you mentally, emotionally and physically -- but it affects you financially as well. It's like you can't catch a break once you're diagnosed.

We were concerned that with me out on medical leave - finances would be tight. We would scrape by to cover it, and we'd be tight, but ideally -- the major things would be covered. And with short term disability ... well that doesn't pay until day 31. Days 1 - 30 do not pay, and rely on the employee to use their own paid time off to cover the gap. That wouldn't have been much of an issue except that I used all but 3 days of my PTO for the wedding and the honeymoon -- and more recently -- dealing with the initial breast cancer diagnosis.

I met with HR today because I was initially told that "someone" had asked if they could donate some of their own paid time off to help "shore up my bank." Not having a formal policy in place to accommodate such a request, my good work - did it anyway. In fact, so much paid time off was donated by the good people at my good work, that I am now not only covered for the entire 4 weeks that I will be away from work, but I will also be covered as I go through chemo.

How do you say thank you, when words aren't nearly enough? How do you give thanks when people come together and the out pour of their support is so great, that it brings you to your knees? I wish I had the words to give enough thanks, because saying "thank you" just isn't near enough. I am so humbled by the amazing support that I've received -- I don't feel like I deserve any of it. It's all so much - so much more than me, and I am just me ...


  1. i learned as i was going through life, that the human being that did good deed to particular person. somehow that the giver will receive good karma from totally different person. is that what they called keep the good deed alive in this world..i am so overwhelm tears just keep pouring on my face each time i read your blog. i just hope that someone out there in this world that have the same illness as you do have the same positive, strenght, and great support. No human being should goes through alone ever...

  2. Melissa - I just read your blog and its so heartfelt. You have such strength in your words. Everyone is praying for a safe road to recovery. I think about you often and am amazed at the wonderful woman you've become. Love - Carole, your Godmother


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