Day 10 - Pulling Out of the Fog

Today it felt like I pulled out of the funk I was in. My mind felt clear for the first time since all this started. I was chipper all day. Happy. Clear headed. Thank God! All the glum was getting boring. Not that all this "clarity" helped me make a decision any faster, but it helped my spirit anyhow. I felt uplifted and it felt good. 9 days is way to long to feel down, unclear, detached, nonchalant. I LIKE caring about things. It's what I do -- I CARE. A LOT. About EVERYONE and, usually, EVERY THING. I drove into work today and it was like I hadn't heard music in ages. All the songs that are played out, the ones you hear every morning at the same time of the morning, the ones that I would normally change the station on -- I listened to. I liked them. It didn't matter how old or played out the song was, I was groovin. It feels like it's been forever since I've been me. I'm starting to feel like me.

Mom went back home today. We dropped her off about 2 hours ago. I'm SO happy she came out. It's always better, and easier, when mom is there to help. Just like when you're little and you want your mom -- same thing. I don't think I will ever grow out of it. She's coming back around surgery time if she can. I just need to give her a date.

I was happy today, and it's been a good day (aside from the attack from my seasonal allergies). I still thought a lot about the decision before me, but today - it all didn't seem so heavy. I hope as we keep going forward, things continue this way. I know it's a long road - but for today - it's a good day.

"I didn't even have to use my AK. Today was a good day." LOL =D


  1. Ice Cube, nice ;) xoxo

  2. Remember to do your routine! back to normal life and as much as possible! Always remember to watch what you eat, YOGA and great positive attitude and the rest of the great support that sharing your story just like walking with you with this Breast Cancer are even better. just like you do your part and we do our part then the whole team will came out successful! called victory.......


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