Day 16 - 2 months

2 months ago today, Mike and I were married.

Is that all? I can honestly say this is the LONGEST two months ever! And we all know why. =)

In honor of our 2 month "anniversary," I thought it would be appropriate to share some of our other important mile markers.

March 12, 2005 - Mike walked into my bar. Okay, it wasn't my bar, but I was waiting tables there and I was the only server on shift. So yeah, it was my bar, for the morning anyhow. He recognized me as a friend of a friend, who was a friend of his friend. We had run into each other only once before in 2004. (In a different bar, coincidentally, with those aforementioned friends.) Mike's car was in getting the windows tinted and the shop pointed him in the direction of my bar. After about 3 hours of chatting and being my only customer for the entire morning, I offered him a ride back to the shop. (Something I never offer, by the way, to random people who've I've just met.) He asked for my number ... I just looked away and was silent ... I wasn't interested in giving my number out to anyone as I was OVER guys. Being the quick thinker he is, he noticed my apprehension and offered his. I took it ... but I never intended to call.

A week passes -- March 19, 2005 - That friend of mine who knew his friend, asked me to go out with them that night. Being that I was in a constructive phase in my life, determined to go out and enjoy being single, I agreed. (Mind you - I've never before gone out with this friend of mine and her friend, who was Mike's friend. I had only gone out with my friend.) As they roll around the corner to pick me up, I open up the back door on the driver's side, and who do I see sitting in the front passenger seat? Mike.

A night passes -- March 20, 2005 - Mike and I have our "first date." The night before, he wouldn't take no for an answer and wouldn't let me be until I agreed to go out with him after my shift the next day. So we go out. He picks me up, opens my door, we go to a movie ("Guess Who") and we go to the restaurant. CONVENIENTLY, he lost his driver's license. Somehow - somewhere ... it's gone. So he asks if it would be OK if we went back to his apartment so he can look for it. Smooth right?! To this day, I still say he planned it all. BUT -- he argues it was a true accident. He never found it at his apartment and had to go through the whole process of getting a new one. (Or so he tells me. I never actually saw him go to the DMV.)

Eleven days pass -- we're pretty much inseparable -- April 1, 2005 - Mike gives me a yellow stickynote (which I still have) that says "Will you go out with me? Circle one. Yes. No."

July 1, 2005 - We get our first apartment together.

August (something) 2006 - We renew our lease.

December 27, 2006 - We break our lease and close on our house. What we didn't know yet, was that Tomo was being born on that day too.

February 2007 - We add Tomo to the family.

Somewhere in the mix of all this, between then and now - he's met my family, I've met his family, he took me to his family reunion in New Hampshire, we vacationed in St. Pete Beach, FL, I took him to my 10 year high school reunion, we vacationed in the Riviera Maya, we went to Paris, he went to Australia and Germany and Costa Rica. I've had a niece and and nephew born, he's had a niece and a nephew born. We've played Mudd Volleyball, we've played co-ed softball, we've played co-ed floor hockey. We've walked for charities and for animal shelters. We've been to Patriots games together (I've been thrown out of said Patriots game), we've been to baseball games together, countless movies, work functions, bbqs ... and the list goes on. We've lived life together, and we've lived a lot of it in just 5 years.

So on April 10, 2010 we got married - 5 years and 10 days after I circled "Yes." And on April 10, 2011 - when it's 6 years and 10 days after he gave me that fateful sticky note - May 25, 2010 will be just another part of our life.


  1. how seem like reality is setting in! i just could imagine how Michael and you trying to comprehend all the medical language and what is do.


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